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Hedengren Service

Authorised services

Hedengren Service handles all the products of Hedengren Group with certain limitations. Below, please find the manufacturers and brands in alphabetical order and next to them the daughter company / department that imports or manufactures the brand in question. You can access the web site of the daughter company to find out for example possible other service points, retailers, models available in Finland, or you can access the website of our client.

Aiphone Hedengren Security
Akis Hedengren Security
Audio Pro Hedengren Kodintekniikka
Barco Hedcom
Camco Hedcom
Christie Hedcom
Cobs Hedengren Security
De Sisti Hedcom
DRS/Kotivahti Hedengren Huolto
Dynacord Hedcom
Electro-Voice Hedcom
Frico Hedtec Teollisuus
HDThunder Hedengren Kodintekniikka
Hedpa Hedcom
Hedsam Hedengren Security
HHL/HHL+ Hedengren Security
HRMV/HCVV/HVV Hedengren Security
HT Italia Hedtec Teollisuus
Interm/Inkel Hedcom
Intre Hedengren Security
JVC Hedengren Kodintekniikka
JVC/Ammattivideo Hedcom
JVC/Turva Hedengren Security
Kaon Hedengren Kodintekniikka
Kawasaki Hedtec Teollisuus
Klark Teknik Hedcom
Lux Hedengren Direct
Melitta Hedengren Kodintekniikka
Micromatic Hedtec Teollisuus
Neptolux/Nepto Hedengren Security
Nike Hedtec Teollisuus
Novus Hedtec Valaistus
Paulig Cupsolo Hedengren Kodintekniikka
Plus/Taxan Hedengren Huolto
Prodex Hedengren Security
Projection Design Hedcom
Prolyft Hedcom
Samsung-dokumenttikamerat Hedcom
Sennheiser Ammattilaitteet Hedcom
Smartcall Hedengren Security
Steinel Hedtec Valaistus
Stentofon Hedengren Security
Tascam Hedcom
TeleCourier/Tateco/Ascom Hedengren Huolto
Tjeders Hedengren Security
Topcom/Health Hedengren Kodintekniikka
Vapac Hedtec Teollisuus