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Hedengren Service


Hedengren Service is located in Kauklahti, Espoo, and also Hedengren Group’s Logistics Centre is there. The serviced merchandise is mainly transported by Posti. Together with Posti, we have developed operating methods that make things easier for the customers and ensure fast and safe transportation services.

You can deliver the equipment that needs servicing / maintenance as customer return package directly to our service by taking it to any post office anywhere in Finland. Drop off the equipment packaged for transportation at a post office and tell them that you want to return it to Hedengren Service. The post office customer service person will fill in the customer return package address label and hand you a copy of the label as receipt of the reclaim.

Please call our customer service number 0207 638 555 to agree on the transportation of large home electronic equipment, such as large TV sets. We will commission Posti to pick up the equipment at your home and deliver it to our service.