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Hedengren Service

Service prices

The main debiting bases of Hedengren Service are the time, materials and spare parts used for the work.

The hourly debiting varies based on the level of difficulty of the work and the peripheral equipment required for it.

Cost estimate / inspection are always debited work, and the cost estimate debiting depends on the level of difficulty of the work done. However, if we perform the maintenance of the device, the cost estimate is part of the duties and no separate fee is charged for it. If a written cost estimate is requested, the debiting is accrual-based.

Service prices do not include delivery or shipping and handling costs to and from the service point.

Debiting of repair and service work (from 1st January 2013 on)

Hourly fees by product type / task:

   VAT 0%
VAT 24 %
Video recorders and video cameras, CD changers, digital video and digital audio devices, DVDs 63,71 79,00
TV and LCD home receivers 66,13 82,00
Digiboxes and hifi equipment 59,68 74,00
TV and intruder surveillance, pager and measuring devices, security phones and video recorders 87,90 109,00
Professional video and audio, data equipment and data monitors, projectors 87,90 109,00
Household appliances and vacuum cleaners 54,03 67,00
Industrial electronics 63,71 79,00

Accrual-based charges:

 VAT 0 %
VAT 24 %
Small appliance service and cost estimates 40,32 50,00
Written cost estimate (for example insurance company) 54,03 67,00

Tarkastusmaksu / kustannusarvio on puolet tuotetyypin mukaisesta tuntiveloituksesta. Veloitus tehdään, mikäli laitetta ei jätetä huollettavaksi / korjattavaksi.