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Application of terms

These terms are applied to trade between Hedengren Security and the customer, unless otherwise agreed. In these terms, Hedengren Security is the “seller” and the customer is the “buyer”.

Terms for refunding

The following terms are observed in reclaiming products:

1. Before reclaiming the merchandise, the buyer must fill in the reclaim form > on the seller’s website under “Security” and send it to the seller. After accepting the reclaim notice, the seller will send the buyer a reclaim number by return email.

2. The buyer must reclaim the merchandise within 30 days of the date of delivery.

3. The buyer must reclaim the merchandise in its original and flawless factory packaging, and no shipping adhesives are to be attached to the packaging. The factory packaging must be reclaimed in a protective package.

4. The refund is 100% of the purchase price if reclaiming is due to the seller’s erroneous actions.

5. If reclaiming is not due to the seller’s erroneous actions, the refund is a maximum of 70% of the purchase price once the seller has accepted the reclaim. Costs for the functional inspection of the product, packaging costs and reclaim handling costs 11 € are also deducted from the refund.

6. The seller will not accept reclaim of products manufactured by special order.

7. The buyer must always pay reclaim freight costs when returning the merchandise. If the reclaim is due to the seller’s error, the seller will refund the freight to the buyer.

8. The buyer must attach to the reclaim a printout of the seller’s email indicating the points filled in the reclaim form by the buyer and the reclaim number given by the seller. If the reclaim includes merchandise belonging to several delivery batches, the aforementioned document must be provided for each delivery indicating the reclaim number of each one.

9. The reclaims will be addressed to Hedengren Security, Mänkimiehentie 4, 02780 ESPOO.


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