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The Managing Director of Oy Hedengren Security Ab changes

The Managing Director of Oy Hedengren Security Ab has changed. Kauko Pirskanen, who has worked [...]

Change of invoicing address

On 15 April 2013, Hedengren Group is adopting an electronic invoicing handling system. In order [...]

Hedengren Security’s system securing a new landmark of Tampere

Tampere’s newest hotel relies on Hedengren Security’s system Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere is an [...]

Hedengren Security will participate in the Skydd 2014

Hedengren Security will participate in the Skydd 2014 Expo, which is the largest and most [...]



Security systems developed by Hedengren Security



In 1987, we launched the first HHL intruder alarm panel. Already the fifth generation of the panel offers burglary protection integrated with access control for all our customers’ properties.

The second to none addressable buss line technology of HHL panels provides a reliable solution for the customer. All HHL panels have been certified to the highest class 4 of EU standards.



Hedsam access control and time attendance system combines our versatile competence in our customers’ access control needs and modern identification technology.

The flexibility of the system structure, the graphic user interface and the integration into other systems make it possible to implement tailored customer-oriented solutions.



We combined two main systems in building security, a fire alarm and emergency light system, into one single Prodex FIREscape evacuation system in an unprecedented way.

The fire detectors and exit and route lights operate in the same cabling under the control of a single Prodex panel fulfilling the requirements of standards EN54 and EN 50172.

Learn more: >> Vimeo | Youtube



Thanks to our unique technical innovation, the Neptolux emergency light system is one of the most advanced, cost-efficient and energy-friendly emergency light systems in the world.

Its cabling costs are 80% smaller and energy consumption only a hundredth part of that of central battery emergency light systems.


  • Intruder alarm

  • CCTV

  • Access control and time attendance system

  • Fire alarm

  • Emergency lights

  • Door phones and intercoms

  • Carephone

  • Personnel security and nurse call system

  • Visitor counters

Hedengren Security – the leading system supplier in security sector

Reliable Finnish supplier

Oy Hedengren Security Ab is the leading supplier of security technology from Finland and part of the Hedengren Group founded in 1918. Hedengren Security is a Finnish security technology company with its own product development, sales and marketing, installation, service and maintenance, and its own central warehouse in Kauklahti, Espoo.

Comprehensive solutions

The deliveries of Hedengren Security cover the supply of individual devices and integrated systems which include camera surveillance, intruder alarm, access control, personal alarm, communication and fire and emergency light systems.
For decades, our comprehensive integrated systems have fulfilled the security technology needs of public administration, finance sector, trade, industry and the private sector.

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Oy Hedengren Security Ab
Lauttasaarentie 50
00200 Helsinki
PO box 110, 00201 Helsinki
Tel. +358 (0)207 638 000


Oy Hedengren Security Ab
Erkkilänkatu 11
33100 Tampere
Tel. +358 (0)207 638 000
Fax +358 (0)3 389 9389


Tohvelantie 3
14200 Turenki
Tel. +358 (0)207 638 650


Logistics Centre
Mänkimiehentie 4
02780 Espoo
Open Mon-Fri 8:00-16:00
Tel. +358 (0)207 638 555
Fax +358 (0)9 810 933


Hedengren Security AB
Industrivägen 1
S-171 48 Solna
Tel. +46 (0)8 23 16 00
Fax +46 (0)8 23 18 00


A/S Hedengren Eesti
Tartu mnt 173/1
Peetri alevik, Rae vald
75312 Harjumaa
Tel. +372 (6) 275 070
Fax +372 (6) 275 090


Hedengren Security AS
Vakåsveien 7
NO-1395 Hvalstad

Skredderveien 12
NO-1617 Fredrikstad

Tel. +47 906 49 222

Prosec AS
Jernbanegata 4
NO-3044 Drammen
Tel. +47 90190170

Prosec Bergen AS
Leirvikåsen 43b, 5179 Godvik

Prosec Stavanger AS
Sjøhagen 3, 4016 Stavanger