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Hedengren Security

Oy Hedengren Security Ab is part of Hedengren Group, founded in 1918, which sells and markets security technology and through its daughter companies also HVAC solutions as well as consumer electronics. Our security technology business sector consists of Oy Hedengren Security Ab and Oy Neptolux Ab that supplies exit light solutions.

Ever since 1932, we have provided comprehensive solutions in security systems (including equipment delivery, installation, service and maintenance operations together with our partners) to the public sector, trade sector, banks, industry, the Defence Forces and private sector. Oy Hedengren Security Ab has sales offices serving our customers and partners in Helsinki and Tampere, Finland, in Stockholm, Sweden, in Tallinn, Estonia and Oslo, Norway.

Comprehensive security technology solutions

Hedengren Security has long experience in offering its customers comprehensive security system solutions. Hedengren Security deliveries include systems for camera surveillance, intruder alarm, fire alarm, access control, personal security, evacuation, emergency lights and communications.

From tailoring to mass production

The core competence of Hedengren Security is development and productisation of tailored solutions based on customer and market needs. Our own product development unit gets a significant part of its ideas from our innovative international clientele that has given the initial spark to the development of many new products and systems, and will certainly do so also in the future.


Strong technical competence and the skill to turn the products of our suppliers together with own products into functional security solution have made it possible for us to expand our operations to exports. Our best known product brands, such as the HHL intruder alarm panels, Hedsam access control and time attendance system, PRODEX FireLux evacuation system and Neptolux exit light system, are vital in operating in the global market.

Through our partners to the end user

Our trained and extensive retailer networks in Finland, the Nordic countries and the Baltic countries guarantee competent professional sales and marketing with expertise and consideration for the local cultural and official requirements.

Local logistics and environment

The Group’s logistics centre in Kauklahti, Espoo, manages product deliveries smoothly and with timeliness to our customers in Finland and abroad.

Our operations are controlled by ISO 9001:2008 quality system and an effective environmental programme. Global goals in saving energy and natural resources throughout the lifecycle of the products have been taken into consideration in the system solutions we offer. During their operating period, the products use little energy and they can be recycled when their lifecycle is complete.